1981 Pinzgauer 6×6 Ambulance model 712 RARE Ambulance version

1981 Pinzgauer

Here’s my 1981 Pinzgauer 6×6 Ambulance model 712 RARE Ambulance version for sale! This would make a great Camping, Expedition, or Get-out-of-town, vehicle for any weather emergency or civil disturbance. A great high water vehicle! We planned it for our hunting vehicle this winter but an upcoming move has now changed those plans.

If you’re reading this you probably know the capabilities of these trucks or heard of them! If not, please search Pinzgauer or Swiss Army vehicles and read the blogs. Made in Austria and used throughout the world, from the deserts to the snow -capped mountains since the 70’s through today. Most notably by the Swiss Army. These are known to go anywhere except maybe where a tracked vehicle can go. They are used by many wildlife parks and outfitter companies for back-country tours and extended expeditions, in the U.S.and South America.

Included with this Rare Ambulance model comes all of the original Ambulance equipment: 4 Stretchers, litter carriers, removable litter loading ramp, roll down black-out curtains. full German and Swiss tool kit, original tire chains for all  tires, 2 gas-powered heaters, and with the even harder to find, working siren and emergency light with controls (Euro Hi-Lo made by Bosch)(Ck out the video), with both amber and blue lens.   The original spare tire, in as new condition, is on a hoist trolley. It even includes the rifle racks and pioneer axe in the passenger area and shovel under the rear tire area! It still has the military inspections stickers on the windows and I have the Swiss inspections records and operation manual from when it was released from military service!

I include a full set of operating and repair manuals, both printed and in CD-Rom format, an Ambulance manual and two RARE 1970-80’s original full-color sales brochures. I will provide a binder full of data and repair hints from “Pinz” suppliers and other websites. I also include extra spare parts that I have such as a spare fuel pump and starter.

You may think this is a large truck like a van box or workshop on a Duece and a half or five ton American military truck frame. Wrong, this is a very compact truck with still a lot of space in the cab that is comfortable (I’m 6′-1″ and 255#). It can fit in a lot of garages. The extra 12″ for the siren and blue light is easily removed with a clamp and a water-proof screw connection. Just slightly longer than a small Toyota 4WD, about the same width, and just as easy to drive!


Dimensions:  188 +1/2″ Long X 69″ Wide X 96″ (8′) Tall (at the Box)

Weight:  3200 Kg or 7000 pounds with the Ambulance box attached, 2500 Kg, or 5500 pounds without the box

Max payload is 3500 Kg or 7700 pounds

Towing Capacity: On-Road 11,000 pounds, Off-Road 4,000

Water Fording depth: 27.6″

Approach & Departure Angle: 45 degrees

Ground Clearance: 13.2″

Max Speed: 62 Mph, It easily Cruises at 90 Kph (56 mph)

Minimum Speed: 1.6 Mph

Gas Mileage: 12.5 – 15 Mpg

Fuel tank: 20 Gal, + 5 Gal Jerry Can

Overall this 32 year truck is in exceptional condition. A previous owner added 2 side RV type widows to the fiberglass Ambulance box, which by the way IS removable. Included are the 4 screw-in eyebolts to lift it off. With the box removed you then have a usable 6X6 pick-up with a 10′ bed that can haul 3300 pounds off-road!

There are 2 brand new batteries (24V system) and even though it is “Old School” with no computers and electronics, it starts and runs great. The engine is a 2.5 liter air-cooled 4 cyl, with 5 speed manual fully-synchronized transmission with High and Low range (10 speeds). Fully independent suspension and portal axles on all 3 differentials. You can drive it with just the rear axles driving (4×4) unlocked, have all axles powered for 6WD or also lock up just the rear or also lock the front for maximum pulling 6×6 with all lockers engaged, and do all of that from the drivers seat while underway without stopping (which is when a normal truck would get stuck).

I have freshly changed the oil and filter and the air filter, greased and checked all differentials, the transmission and transfer case. All parts are easily available. The original tires are still in good condition with only minor checking. I just installed 2 new side view mirrors and wiper blades. All glass is in fine condition with no cracks or chips. It currently has just over 63,000Km = 39,400 miles.  Mechanically in fine condition. You may notice a missing mud flap in some pictures, but I have installed a new one (you can see it in a video) on the left rear. I installed a 2″ receiver hitch to make it more practical for towing, but the removed pintel hitch is included. It has a towing capacity of 11,000 pounds on-road and 4,000 off-road! There is a 5 Gal Swiss Jerry Can that is also included.

Body wise all seats and interior are in excellent shape. I have installed hub-steps on the front tires to ease getting in and out. All of the rear compartment bunk material is in fine condition as are the 4 stretcher/litters and the 3 pull-down black-out shades. There is one area on the exterior driver’s side front corner sheet-metal with some slight dents(See the picture). The driver’s door bottom exterior also has some slight bends. These can easily be fixed.

Overall, this is a great vehicle, an almost 100% original, Rare Ambulance model with everything that works as designed. Please remember this truck is 32 years old, so don’t expect it to be a “New” vehicle. It has its slight share of scratches and dings. And as with any similar type vehicle it requires care and maintenance,  so it is sold “AS-IS”. Please fell free to come inspect it if you are able to. But look at my ratings and perform your “Due Diligence”. It  took me a LONG time to find this rare model. I hate to see it go, but don’t have a choice. Bid and enjoy it for many, many years to come!

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